About vyking

We broker real-time information between service providers and end-users, empowering operators to conquer the iGaming world and suppliers to distribute their content efficiently.

We deliver innovative iGaming products including content, bonus engine, CRM, platform and frontend applications.

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Maximizing partners' income via real-time data brokerage between consumers & content suppliers.

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We deliver B2B connector technology & industry knowledge to help build new iGaming businesses and augment existing ones.

Our single endpoint to best-in-class content and real-time analytics empowers operators to build their own, custom and proprietary technology on top of our framework.

This saves them from costly dependency situations, enterprise deadlock and allows responding to unforeseen market events efficiently and within a timely fashion.

Our values

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We develop outstanding products that go above and beyond the status quo. We aim high and aspire to end up thereabouts. This way, we can develop a product that clearly satisfies the market.

Setting realistic standards is an indispensable cornerstone in our day-to-day client communication. To successfully manage projects, gaining a clear understanding of the scope and goals of a project is paramount. This is why we challenge our customers´ wishes and, if necessary, adjust the goals accordingly..

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We always question our peers and superiors (especially the latter). They are human - they can make mistakes too. If our decisions are not based on a strong rationale, success is just luck.

Mistakes are human and should in no way be interpreted as a sign of failure. If a learning is drawn from mistakes, they benefit the personal as well as entrepreneurial growth. The important thing about mistakes is that we communicate them in a timely fashion, and allow ourselves and others to learn from them. When we identify mistakes, we also make suggestions for improvement.

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We take reasonable risk especially when the outcome is unsure. We learn from mistakes and celebrate successes, but either way, we own the outcomes and share the results.

Unless we question ourselves about what our experiences mean and think about how to improve them, we can't change anything. Always being self-reflective of our actions enables us to move from just experiencing things, to proactively improving things. Ideas are essential to uphold innovation and business growth. Generating ideas and highlighting optimization potential is not only welcome and appreciated, but is what is expected.

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Common sense is our daily driver. We don't reinvent the wheel. If we are working on a project, we are its strongest advocate and proactively bring in ideas - after all, being entrusted with it makes it our achievement.

We work with highly skilled people from all over the world, hence flexibility is key. Flexibility however, is not only about the where and when we work it´s about a well-established work-life balance that doesn't create a 24/7 working nightmare.

Let's get to know each other!

vyking management

Klaus Walsberger

Founder, Head of Research

Klaus is responsible for strategic management and acts as an advisor to other companies and departments.

Franz Gerhart


Franz is an iGaming veteran and enthusiast in enterprise-grade software development.

Helmut Kleinhans


Helmut is a senior software architect and a passionate web developer with decades of experience.

Christian Eichinger


With years of experience in iGaming, Christian has acquired extensive knowledge of all aspects of daily operations.

Florian Klimka


Florian is responsible for vyking's product portfolio and aligns it with the strategic goals.

Andrea Hubinger

Head of HR

Andrea takes care of our highly skilled and professional team and supports our management in all personnel management topics, on a strategic and operational level.

Vukašin Ilić

Development, Account & Incident Manager

Vukašin's responsibilities include communicating and building long-term relationships with customers and ensuring that their wants and needs are met accordingly.

Sara Mijovic

Development, Account & Incident Manager

Sara's is all about customer success, problem solving and making people smile.

Evgeny Kulikov

Development, Project Manager

Evgeny makes sure the vyking team works cohesively and efficiently. He enjoys changing workflows and solving problems that arise from collaboration, cleaning up projects and seeing how efficiency increases as a result.

Petar Nikolic

Engineers, Frontend, Team Lead

Petar likes to explore new ideas and find innovative solutions, his passion for development and creating something new drives him.

Susanne Buchinger

Engineers, Frontend, Project Manager, Software Developer

Susanne is a hardworking and quietly persistent person, who focuses on the admin panel app.

Nikola Babić

Engineers, Frontend

Nikola is a dedicated frontend developer who take care of developing and optimizing the Skin project.

Ranko Kremenovic

Engineers, Frontend

Ranko works as react developer and delivers on time the best solutions for our customers to meet the expectations of their users.

Slavko Vuletić

Engineers, Frontend

Slavko work's as front-end engineer on development and maintenance of admin client web app.

Renato Paulić

Backend, Lead Developer

Renato is dynamic and easily adapts to changes. He is responsible for database, API services, infrastructure, etc.

Enes Sijaric

Engineers, Backend, Database / API

Enes is a versatile database engineer and API developer who continuously evolves by boldly taking on new challenges.

Ivan Šobotović

Engineers, Backend, Database / API

Ivan works as a database engineer and deals with the creation and maintenance of tables, user-defined functions and API calls.

Roman Dreissker

Engineers, Backend, Database / API

Roman is a fullstack developer and tutor. His responsibilities include server/database maintenance, tutoring developers, problem-solving, and developing tools/scripts.

Ivan Milanovic

Requirements Engineer

Ivan is responsible for the software documentation.

Olivera Borovčanin Kovačević


Olivera writes and optimizes MySQL statements and routines, solves database usage problems and creates API designs and implementations according to the OpenApi standards with Golang.