Bonus Engine

Maximize user engagement, Optimize user journeys!

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Customer Relationship Management

vyking's advanced CRM product is your key to successful customer acquisition and retention.

We will help you maximize sustainable revenues, providing an in-house developed bonus engine, a loyalty and rebate system, ticketing and integrations to best-in-class 3rd party CRM software such as FastTrack.

Bonus Configurator

Designed for the needs of both players and operators, our bonus configurator comes with a vast array of settings to customize your campaigns. Here are some of its features:

  • Type – deposit or no deposit bonus, cashback bonus, pre- or post-wagering bonus, Free Spins, accumulator bet bonus, achievement bonus, etc.

  • Product – combine your offer across some or all product verticals (sports, casino, etc.) and subsequently increase your cross-selling revenue

  • Games and Markets – select eligible ones and set individual percentages contributed to wagering requirements considering different margins

  • Wallets – define how real money and bonus balance are affected when wagering an active bonus. Set rules allowing your players different behaviors when using either real money or bonus money

  • Limits – settings in order to prevent your offers from being exploitable by fraudsters (max bet size, min odds, etc.)

  • Tournaments – create product-specific or cross-product leaderboards and competitions

  • Jackpots – promote the biggest available online jackpots or discuss customized jackpots with us

  • Achievements – use our gamification tools and keep the players excited. Reward them when they reach a certain target or in-game achievement

  • CRM System – define your customer segments and create your loyalty scheme and promotions around the relevant persona

  • Automated Reporting and Monitoring Tools all within one back-end in order to help you handle even the largest databases of clients in no time

  • Fraud Detection System – automated engine to analyze suspicious player behavior, violated terms, etc. by flagging accounts and sending alerts

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Let us demonstrate the bonus engine to you!


The honest answer is that it depends.

Assuming that your platform is well designed and that you are exposing data required by our engine to make its computations, the software is just as easy to integrate as any other casino content supplier, assuming that your platform is well-designed and sharing data required for our engine to compute.

We, of course, need data and therefore an interface that exposes it. You can tell what data that is by looking at the feature description. For example if you wish to create a Free Spin bonus on Playtech's »Age of the Gods« game for all new clients that signed up within the past 24 hours and haven't made a deposit yet, you can already tell what is needed:

  • List of casino games, aggregators and content creators

  • Information on registered customers

  • event queue on customer activity

There is more to it but our engineers will guide you.

There are plenty of suppliers out there such as Optimove, Solitics and Fast-Track. They all charge their fees independently, so yes, you need to get an agreement with them and pay for it. We know the right people to ask and can of course assist you in getting a good deal.

Yes absolutely!

We would still recommend you to get involved too though. Unless you are monopolist in your market and not dependent on campaigning, it makes most sense to deploy a CRM system alongside the bonus engine.

Product Overview

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Affiliate Center
Bonus Engine
Content Hub
Frontend Code
Payment Hub

Your vessel, ready to embark!

  • Battleproof

  • Scalable

  • Fast & reliable

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Equip your Sales Team

  • Access to 3rd party affiliate sytems

  • In-house agent system

  • Content management

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Boost your acquisition and retention

  • Highly customizable

  • Connected to 3rd party CRM

  • Pre-configured for many markets

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Casino or sports content ready for boarding!

  • 200+ suppliers

  • 15,000+ games

  • Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals

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Develop your own application

  • React based code

  • Web-Socket integration

  • White-label capabilites

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The gateway to 300+ channels

  • Extensible

  • Covering almost all jurisdiction

  • Sophisticated config options

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