Payment Hub

Accepting customers' monies across the world!

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Payment processing made easy!

Access to a wide range of payment processing channels and 3rd party solutions such as Seon to prevent fraud ahead-of-time and SumSub to streamline your KYC & AML routines.

From credit/debit cards and instant bank transfers to e-wallets and crypto currencies, we offer the technical solution to connect your website to over 300 different methods around the world.

Some of this product's features include:

  • 300+ processing channels via direct integrations and aggregators

  • Cascading payments via an infinite number of combinations for processing rules and configurations. e.g. when in UK, process credit cards with Barclays first. If declined try with HSBC second, then give up.

  • Sophisticated configuration options on deposit and withdrawal limits

  • KYC & AML policy implementation for different jurisdictions

  • Payment fraud detection

  • Device fingerprinting

  • Pre-authorization mode as charge-back prevention

  • Reporting and reconciliation software

  • In-house knowledge on handling payment processing agreement for various markets

  • Pre-set configuration for several jurisdictions

  • Flexible cashier solution with the battle-tested UI that is fully interoperable with the bonus engine, providing localized UX.

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Let us show you what we have to offer!


Yes! We provide the technical integration, front-end visualization and the tools to manage transactions. Although this can be considered as »the heavy lifting«, you still need a financial institution that eventually clears the money.

We can always integrate that for you. There are institutions that can be more challenging to work with though. If you need credit cards in Nigeria, things tend to be slower than getting Skrill up and running in the UK.

Yes you can!

Here is an example of what you can do with Bambora's cashier implementation. Alternatively, depending on your selection of payment methods, you can use one of our in-house cashier templates.

Product overview

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Affiliate Center
Bonus Engine
Content Hub
Frontend Code
Payment Hub

Your vessel, ready to embark!

  • Battleproof

  • Scalable

  • Fast & reliable

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Equip your Sales Team

  • Access to 3rd party affiliate sytems

  • In-house agent system

  • Content management

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Boost your acquisition and retention

  • Highly customizable

  • Connected to 3rd party CRM

  • Pre-configured for many markets

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Casino or sports content ready for boarding!

  • 200+ suppliers

  • 15,000+ games

  • Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals

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Develop your own application

  • React based code

  • Web-Socket integration

  • White-label capabilites

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The gateway to 300+ channels

  • Extensible

  • Covering almost all jurisdiction

  • Sophisticated config options

Illustration of the Payment Hub module