Connecting iGaming operators to content suppliers!

vyking offers a modular API-first middleware, being a software that swiftly connects operators to industry leading content- & service-providers!

The tried and tested products enable you to build your own front- and backend applications with our toolchain. Your business, your license, your direct agreements, your apps plus our connector technology equals instant access to any market!

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Build your application!

Access the developer documentation and see what it takes to develop your custom proprietary app.

What we do at vyking

We are brokering real-time information between service providers and end-users, empowering operators to conquer the iGaming world and suppliers to distribute their content efficiently.

Our objective is to maximize sustainable revenues for operators and facilitate the best outcome in a user journey that is appealing to engage and entertain.

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KPIs & quick facts

Numbers say more than words. Here are some basic stats on the vyking product portfolio.

million euro monthly turnover
third party integrations
years in the iGaming industry
continents in operation

Our Products

Whether you are embarking on your journey with all or just some of our products, we will provide the necessary services and knowledge to help you succeed. vyking constantly integrates the best-in-class solutions from within the industry. You will therefore benefit from a vast product portfolio and the operational know-how on making good use of it within your markets.

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Unless you already have a platform, this is the operating system to start your adventure with. It does the player registration and core data management.

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Bonus Engine

Boost player acquisition, retention and reactivation with our in-house promotional software in combination with leading 3rd party CRM software and marketing tools.

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Content Hub

15k+ games, 200+ studios, sports, live dealers and much more either as part of the Core Platform or as a standalone micro-service.

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Payment Hub

A robust solution with a wide range of payment options including direct integrations and aggregators. Simplify your payment integrations, fraud- and KYC processes.

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Affiliate Center

Partner with affiliates and increase traffic with market- leading affiliate systems and an in-house developed agent software for shop-based operations.

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Frontend Code

Own your application! Use the source code of our reference implementation to build your dedicated front-end with your team on top of our API.  

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