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Your Sales Teams´ everyday toolchain!

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Distributing your content at large!

Take control of online and offline strategies. Grow your brand reach and increase your traffic with our sales-focused tools.

We provide an in-house developed agent-system and access to market-leading software as part of vyking's affiliate center. This is customized and branded to your needs via our preferred partners MyAffiliates and Netrefer.

The key features include:

  • Single UI – Manage your affiliates through one interface.

  • Traffic Control – The ability to control and review all traffic sent via your affiliates.

  • Sophisticated Data – Your affiliate partners will have access to their own customized interface, with both you and your partners are able to review data.

  • Flexible Deals – Create CPA and/or Rev Share deals tailored to your needs.

  • Extensive Reporting – Reports and direct communication via the interface.

  • Multi Device – Available via desktop and mobile application.

  • Quick Access – Open player accounts and/or new agent accounts through the application.

  • Instant Transfer – Credit and withdraw money to and from player accounts.

  • Fund Accounts – Credit and withdraw money to and from agent accounts.

  • Advanced Metrics – Agents always have full overview of all player account balances.

  • Full Insights – See all results and gaming history.

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Curious as to how you can acquire customers?


Competition amongst affiliate software vendors is as fierce as with casino content suppliers. Generally speaking, most have very high standards.

MyAffiliates has been the latest addition to vyking's affiliate center and does an exceptional job. The most important thing however is the general acceptance of software by the affiliate community. We have had over 300+ affiliates connected over the past 5 years and although NetRefer has long been the go-to-strategy, other systems are now gaining popularity.

Absolutely! We have over 10 years hands-on experience in the affiliate industry and know what deals will work for your sales partners.

Product Overview

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Affiliate Center
Bonus Engine
Content Hub
Frontend Code
Payment Hub

Your vessel, ready to embark!

  • Battleproof

  • Scalable

  • Fast & reliable

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Equip your Sales Team

  • Access to 3rd party affiliate sytems

  • In-house agent system

  • Content management

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Boost your acquisition and retention

  • Highly customizable

  • Connected to 3rd party CRM

  • Pre-configured for many markets

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Casino or sports content ready for boarding!

  • 200+ suppliers

  • 15,000+ games

  • Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals

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Develop your own application

  • React based code

  • Web-Socket integration

  • White-label capabilites

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The gateway to 300+ channels

  • Extensible

  • Covering almost all jurisdiction

  • Sophisticated config options

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