Frontend Code

The front face of your endeavors!

Design element

Develop your websites independently.

Our team will help you kick-start the process by sharing the latest source code on front-ends for you to independently develop them further. We either share our IT knowledge or alternatively hire, train and deploy an independent team under your control.

At vyking, we understand that mobile operating systems are advancing at an incredible pace, requiring you to be agile and resource-efficient. We therefore use high-performance WebSocket-based technology, accessible via a single, intuitive and easy to implement API, allowing you to craft innovative apps.

Some of the front-end-code features include:

  • Industrial strength API

  • Decentralized hosting

  • Thousands of games

  • Real-time event feed

  • Front-end boilerplate for agent system and web app

  • Admin panel code

  • Documentation

  • Version control and Gitlab CI/CD support

  • Build pipelines

  • 50+ fully designed pages

  • Business logic and UI on all account related pages

  • Fully customized sportsbook UI

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Why? Because you will need it if you want to customize your application!

If you use this in combination with any of our other products then nothing!

Why? No matter how hard we try to create the most beautiful app in the world, there is always a market that will consider it ugly. Asia is different to Europe, MENA is a category on its own and even within these regions there are massive discrepancies. We will never be able to cater for all these needs concurrently.

This is why we decided to empower the people closest to the customer to decide on the UI with their own engineering teams or a team managed by us and dedicated to them.

Predominantly React, a very extensible and popular framework known by developers around the world.

Product Overview

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Affiliate Center
Bonus Engine
Content Hub
Frontend Code
Payment Hub

Your vessel, ready to embark!

  • Battleproof

  • Scalable

  • Fast & reliable

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Equip your Sales Team

  • Access to 3rd party affiliate sytems

  • In-house agent system

  • Content management

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Boost your acquisition and retention

  • Highly customizable

  • Connected to 3rd party CRM

  • Pre-configured for many markets

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Casino or sports content ready for boarding!

  • 200+ suppliers

  • 15,000+ games

  • Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals

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Develop your own application

  • React based code

  • Web-Socket integration

  • White-label capabilites

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The gateway to 300+ channels

  • Extensible

  • Covering almost all jurisdiction

  • Sophisticated config options

Illustration of the Payment Hub module