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iGaming core service

Our highly scalable platform connects all vyking products and exposes a programming interface that lets you take care of 3rd party integrations independently and with your own team.

Each product is autonomous and interoperable. Here are some of the platform's features:

  • User Management - Monitor user activities, transactions, balances, game history and communication to effectively run your operations.

  • Integration Hub - All modular vyking products integrate against their platform.

  • CMS - Full autonomy to design and customize the front-end with our multi-domain and multi-language Content Management System.

  • Monitoring - Sophisticated risk & fraud tools, real time infrastructure monitoring.

  • Reporting & BI - Get actionable insights via detailed reporting capabilities.

  • Multi-tenant - Support for building and deploying white labels efficiently.

  • Gitlab CI/CD ready - Agile at its core, the dockerized vyking platform fully automated continous deployment via Gitlab.

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Keep track of important metrics and KPIs

Not only do KPIs – based on the collected data – translate your business strategy into manageable, operational actions, they are also vital to strengthen your employees’ morale and critical for performance management.

Our back-office solution offers you a variety of reports, data and metrics which will help you make sound decisions on a strategic level as well as to set out short- and mid-term goals which your staff can identify with.

Risk Management

Efficient risk management is a key component in staying on top of the game and identifying potential hazards along the way of climbing the ladder to become an industry leader. Our specialists who share decades of gaming experience have developed several state-of-the-art back-office tools that help you do that and let you choose the risk level suitable for your brand.

We have partnered with best-in-class suppliers such as Seon and SumSub to add an extra layer of security and help our clients reduce the costs and resources lost to fraud, safeguarding their reputation with a KYC solution that meets both local and global AML & CFT rules.

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We have been in the Linux world ever since, hence it will come at no surprise that we are using Ubuntu as an operating system. The application layer uses different technologies such as PHP (yes we are still doing certain things in PHP but it's being phased out), NodeJS and most importantly GoLang. Database is a MySQL cluster / replication.

We are using micro-services architecture with Docker and Kubernetes and have all kinds of tools such as RabbitMQ message queues and deployment automation via Ansible.

All-in-all our tech stack won't break the bank as we mostly use open source technology that does not expose you to any perpetual license fees such as Oracle-DB or RedHat linux.

We are actively looking for you. Contact us asap!

There are 2 ways we can work together:

  • We integrate your content.

  • You integrate yourself by using our API.

We know that option 2 sounds strange but consider it for the future. You will receive documentation, endpoints, infrastructure (Gitlab, Docker, Server, ...) and guidance to get the job done. When you are ready, we test and deploy your app which gives you access to all our clients.

Product overview

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Affiliate Center
Bonus Engine
Content Hub
Frontend Code
Payment Hub

Your vessel, ready to embark!

  • Battleproof

  • Scalable

  • Fast & reliable

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Equip your Sales Team

  • Access to 3rd party affiliate sytems

  • In-house agent system

  • Content management

Illustration of the Affiliate Center module

Boost your acquisition and retention

  • Highly customizable

  • Connected to 3rd party CRM

  • Pre-configured for many markets

Illustration of the Bonus Engine module

Casino or sports content ready for boarding!

  • 200+ suppliers

  • 15,000+ games

  • Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals

Illustration of the Content Hub module

Develop your own application

  • React based code

  • Web-Socket integration

  • White-label capabilites

Illustration of the Frontend Code module

The gateway to 300+ channels

  • Extensible

  • Covering almost all jurisdiction

  • Sophisticated config options

Illustration of the Payment Hub module